Series S:4 Triumph in the Demonic Crisis / 24 CD Set


Series S:4 Triumph in the Demonic Crisis / 24 CD Set


A complete 24 CD seminar series on the Christian Life and Warfare with Satan. In album with one message in per CD.

*This series is sold as a set.

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S4:1 Basic Principles for Christian Service  

S4:2 The Reality and Personality of Demons   

S4:3 A Foundation Principle for Life in Christ

S4:4 Symptoms of Demonic Invasion   

S4:5  Basis for Freedom and the Conquest

S4:6 Demon Activity and the Christian    

S4:7 The Importance of the Will

S4:8 Some Weapons Used By Satan    

S4:9 The Christian and His Sins  

S4:10 How Satan Gains an Advantage      

S4:11 The Christian and His Cross

S4:12 Deliverance from Demon Oppression     

S4:13 The Christian and the Holy Spirit

S4:14 How to Deal With Demons     

S4:15 How to be Filled With the Spirit  

S4:16 Exposing and Expelling Demons     

S4:17 The Healing of the Mind, Part 1  

S4:18 Speaking in Other Tongues - The True & False.   

S4:19 The Healing of the Mind, Part 11

S4:20 Expelling Demons By the Transfer Method     

S4:21 Healing for the Shattered Personality  

S4:22 Demon Oppression and Children    

S4:23 Living with an Ungrieved Holy Spirit

S4:24 Victory in the Warfare With Satan   

TRIUMPH IN THE DEMONIC CRISIS carries some more advanced material than SETTING THE CAPTIVES FREE. It will be noted that while the two seminar series (S1 and S4) differ from each other, there is nevertheless considerable identical material. Both series have been widely used in this country and on mission fields in widely scattered parts of the world. 

* Sold as a complete set, no substitutions