The Armor of God /CD


The Armor of God /CD


10 recordings on CD

Ernest Rockstad

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An exposition of Ephesians 6:10-20. 

A Complete Set of 10 messages2 CD's in album:  

A:1 Be Strong in the Lord...Eph.6:10

A:2 Christian, Recognize Your Peril

A:3 Put on the Armor

A:4a The Girdle of Truth

A:4bThe Breastplate of Righteousness...Eph.6:14

A:5a The Breastplate of Righteousness (concluded) 

A:5b The Feet Shod With Peace, The Shield of Faith

A:6 The Helmet of Salvation

A:7 The Sword of the Spirit

A:8 The Weapon of Prayer

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