Series S:1 Setting the Captives Free / 24 CD


Series S:1 Setting the Captives Free / 24 CD


A complete seminar series of messages dealing with the victorious Christian Life and Spiritual Warfare.  Album of twenty-four recordings including Dealing with Demons. (One message per CD).  (Recommended for people who have little or no knowledge of spiritual warfare.) 

This series is sold as a set.

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S1:1 Basis For Freedom and Conquest

S1:2 Demon Working Witnessed Today

S1:3 Basic Principles of Operation

S1:4 Symptoms of Demonic Invasion

S1:5 The Worker and the Will

S1:6 The Way of Deliverance

S1:7 The Worker and the Cross

S1:8 Can a Christian Have a Demon?

S1:9 The Worker and the Holy Spirit

S1:10 Exposing and Dispatching Demons

S1:11The Worker and His Sins, 

S1:12 Tricks Used by the Enemy

S1:13 Who Can Deal With Satan

S1:14 The Basic Problem in Every Life

S1:15 The Proper Care of the Victim

S1:16 How Satan Gains an Advantage

S1:17 The Healing of the Mind Part I

S1:18 The Healing of the Mind Part II

S1:19 The Healing of the Mind Part III

S1:20 Weapons Used by Satan

S1:21 Victory in Spiritual Warfare

S1:22 Occultism

S1:23 DD:1/A Dealing With Demons

S1:24 DD:1/B Dealing With Demons (cont.) 

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