A Call to Faithful Service -II Timothy / CD's


A Call to Faithful Service -II Timothy / CD's


Expositions from II Timothy 

16 messages on 3 CD's in album 

Ernest Rockstad

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Expositions from II Timothy

A Complete Set of 16 messages on 3 CD's in album

BS901A Lessons for Christian Service...II Timothy 1:1-14  -  BS901B  Call to Faithfulness in Serving the Lord...1:13 - 2:2

BS902A A Continual Call to Faithfulness...2:3-13  -  BS902B How to Hold to the Truth...2:14

BS90A A Vessel Unto Honor...2:20, 21   -   BS903BExercises for the Lord's Servant...2:22-24

BS904A Dealing With Opposers of the Truth...2:24-26  -  BS904B  Difficult Times in the Last Days...3:1-9

BS90A  Contrasts of True Christian Service...3:10-15  -  BS905B Practical Value of the Scriptures..3:16, 17

BS90AJudgment Now and After...4:1-5  -  B906B  Triumph on the Treshold of Glory...4:6-8

BS907A The Lord's Servant & His Associates...4:9-16   -  BS907B   Deliverance Now and After...4:16-18

BS90A Greetings and Farewell...4:19-22  -  BS908B  A Call to Faithful Service - Summary

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