God's Message in Tragic Times - Jeremiah / CD's


God's Message in Tragic Times - Jeremiah / CD's


Expositions on Jeremiah 12 messages

A Complete set on 2 CD's

Ernest Rockstad

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Expositions on Jeremiah

A Complete Set of 12 messages on 2 CD's

BS401A God's Callto a Difficult Service...Jeremiah 1:1-10   -    BS401B Broken Cisterns or An Artesian Well?...2:13

BS402A The Peril of Forsaking God...2:19  -   BS402B Some Spiritual Pitfalls to Avoid...2

BS403A Watch Your Bragging...9:23,24  -   BS403B The Uniqueness of the True God..10:10

BS404A Man's Desperate Need for God...23,24  -  BS404B So You Think You Have It Tough!...1:13-19

BS405A Your Choice-A Blessing or A Curse...17:5-8  -   BS405B  A King Shall Reign...23:5,6

BS406A God's Future Plan for Israel...30  -   BS406B The Power of the Word of the Lord 

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